GREEN ENERGIES: an answer for a better world


Our goal for the future (that is already present) is to save the planet from the ecological debacle caused by exploiting highly polluting, dangerous and expensive energies (petrol, coal, nuclear) and wasting green energies (sun, wind, water) that the planet donate to us in its generous freeness. Today we can’t only try these green resources here and there in the world; they must become a “modus vivendi”, a green thinking that is a part of our daily life in order to ax pollution. They are just little mental sacrifices that all of us (rulers, scientist, common people) must realize immediately. In designing and building new cities and houses, in the industrial production the green thinking must be the main goal: heating and power supply mustn’t be anymore earned by petrol or coal but from simple systems that maximizing solar radiations, water and wind power generate clean energy. What are these green energies? And which is their appliance?


SUN : the appliance and the use of solar cells on every roof of houses, buildings, factories, public lighting, make them self-sufficient in electrical needs (electricity, hot water, heating) or can be used for solar cooling. The surplus of energy could be sold to whom needs it or used to produce hydrogen then utilized to generate electricity when the sun or wind are insufficient.

Tra le attività previste i ragazzi dovevano elaborare una proposta verde per le energie, questo il lavoro in inglese delle classi quinte, coordinato dall’ins.te Maggiori Simona.



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